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KN95 Face Mask

KN95 Face Mask

Product Name 
 antivirus n95 respirator face mask suppliers
 antivirus n95 respirator face mask suppliers
1st layer: 20gsm PP non woven
 2rd layer: Melt down filter, BFE>95%
3th layer: 25gsm PP non woven


 highly breathable,
 Adjustable nose piece,
 Elastic earloop
 50pcs/box, 2000pcs/carton


Best N95 Mask Manufacturers

The second wave of CORONA virus is up in the air again! The second wave is more dangerous as people are not taking it seriously as before. We should feel the sensitivity of the situation, wearing a mask should be mandatory now. Applying that pandemic situation is very harmful to the economy, health, and others.

According to researches and experiments, this is concluded that N95 is one of the most useful and effective mask types against the spread of COVID-19. Safety products and security solutions such as masks, sanitizers, and following SOPs, keep you safe where they work and live. LUGISA GROUP PTY LTD is a leading online safety products industry directory that provides a complete guide to the latest in safety products. Our Face N95 Mask manufacturers and exporters offer dependable safety and security products at a very competitive rate.

Protect you, your family, and your home.

Due to this virus, you are not safe at your home and workplace. The N95 face mask is breathable, soft, flexible, washable, and multi-layered. The multi-layered property of our N95 mask prevents tiny harmful particles up to 98%. Our masks have good stretchable elastic earloops that are comfortable, do not hurt on the ears. Moreover, they also consist of a nose stripe that is flexible and makes the mask fit on the face without any irritation. They provide you perfect fit, comfortability, and safety. As one of the leading N95 mask manufacturers, we take care of the quality of the masks, from the raw materials to the mask delivery. our masks are certified as our products go through the following tests:

  • N95 Valve Mouth Mask Quality control test and technical tests
  • filtration efficiency detection and respiratory resistance detection
  • Filtration efficiency experiments
  • Tightness test
  • The synthetic blood penetration test

High quality, high-production promise:

Our N95 face masks offer protection against small particles which are 0.3 microns in size. our masks pass by rigorous inspection and process of certifications. The high-quality N95 masks Manufacturers are effective to filter out tiny droplets, germs, and other harmful bacteria. We do high-production of quality face N95 Mask Manufacturers and supply in bulk all around the world. you can place your order on lugisagroup.com, for high-quality and low price face masks. Our masks provide you several benefits such as medically approved, cost-effective, environmentally friendly.

We focus on high-quality and best customer service. Buy perfect masks for human protection. Visit and contact us!

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